How Empathy Marketing Can Transform Your Digital Strategy

In the digital age, where customers have everything they want at the tip of their fingers, traditional marketing strategies just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Customers don’t want to be sold. They don’t want companies dictating what they want or need. Rather, what customers crave more than anything else, and especially now, is connection. They want to be seen, be heard, and feel valued. 

As a company, it means connecting with your customers in ways that companies rarely do anymore. It means engaging with your customers in an authentic and genuine way so you truly understand their desires, goals, struggles, and fears. 

Using empathy to relate and connect with your customers is the difference-maker between a good marketing strategy, and a great one.

Here are a couple of ways to use empathy marketing and transform your digital strategy.

The Customer Gets to be the Hero of the Story

Too many companies believe they are the heroes, swooping in and saving the day for their damsel-in-distress customers. 

This is not only insulting to the customer, but it also shows that you’re not tuned in to them at all. 

By applying empathy to your strategy, you acknowledge that the customer is the hero. You create a product or service that isn’t meant to solve the problem, it’s meant to empower the customer to solve their own problems. Your company is merely a guide, offering advice and wisdom for your customer as they ask for it.

Empowerment means understanding what drives your customers, what problems they are currently facing, and how best you can assist them.

Here are some questions you might ask so you understand your customer:

  • What are your customer’s hopes and dreams?
  • What motivates your customer?
  • What problems is your customer struggling with?
  • What can you offer to help?

When you are intentional about using empathy in your marketing strategy, you will shift from focusing on selling a product, to focusing on helping your customer solve their own problems.

People Don’t Do Business with Companies. They do business with other People

One of the biggest ways that employing empathy can transform your marketing strategy is not in how you view your customer, it’s in how your customer views you. People don’t do business with companies. They do business with other people, people they know, like, and trust.

Even though it’s counterintuitive, customers don’t want to work with companies who are perfect. That’s not relatable. How can they believe you can help them solve a problem if they can’t believe you ever went through something similar to them?

Customers instinctually gravitate towards companies and brands that are relatable, vulnerable, and transparent. The Honest Company is a great example of this kind of company. Try being hyper-transparent and showing your own shortcomings. Not only will this make you more relatable, but it will show your customers that you are human.

Here are some others ways you can connect with your customers:

  • Have conversations on social media with your customers.
  • Create content that your customers are interested in, even if it has nothing to do with your company (think, pop-culture).
  • Treat your customers as living, breathing humans, and not like dollar signs.

When you approach your marketing strategy using empathy as your North Star, you’ll be taking steps to show your customers how much you care and value them, and you’ll be laying the foundation to turn prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into raving fans.

In Summary

When you create an empathy-based marketing strategy, you’ll do more than set yourself apart from other companies. You’ll show your consumers that you care and value them, and in the process, create raving fans.

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