Our very empathic founder, Elliot Manson

Our Why

A message from our founder

Traditional marketing has lost its capacity for empathy.

Marketing lost its empathy when we rip the emotions out of copy for the sake of being “SEO optimized.”

Marketing lost its empathy when we confuse and convolute with data, hiding poor results behind enormous rows of data, showing only the 3 good points and ignoring the long-term bad one.

Marketing lost its empathy when we prioritize OUR story, OUR company, OUR product over understanding our customers, shouting about ourselves in a constant monologue instead of engaging in a conversation.

Despite all this, I still love marketing, and I think there’s a path to bringing empathy back into this work.

What I love about marketing is producing incredible results. I love scaling brands. I love optimization. To me, it's a giant puzzle trying to be solved. It's about revenue. It's about hitting your KPIs. Getting you to a place you can get VC funding, take a 2nd vacation, hire more, grow your dream company, get more sleep at night, wake up happy, wake up proud, trust those you work with, trust marketing does what it does, trust marketing is your greatest asset.

During the last 10 years of marketing, working with companies traded on the NYSE to local gyms, I’ve been deploying empathy into every ad, every landing page, every customer journey, every brand management, hitting one year KPI goals in 30 days. In my mind, it’s the only way to talk to your customers, it’s the only way a brand who truly loves their customers should want to talk to their customers. And it wins every time.

Because at the core of it, the puzzle we are trying to solve isn't about you. It's not about your website, your ads, your message...It's about your customer. It's about empathy for your customer, transforming your brand into what your customers want and need, for them, to get them through their day, solve their problem, change their life. It's about solving the greatest puzzle, your customers wants, needs, desires, thoughts, problems, ambitions, dreams.

When you hit your KPIs, it's because you learned how to be the brand your customers desired.

It’s because you spoke to them how they deserved.

It’s because you took care of them the way they expected.

This is how we bring empathy back into marketing.

We are building an empathy marketing movement. Join us in changing the way your customers feel.

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