Social Impact Mission: Empathy Digital Marketing Training

We are on a mission to give back. We teach young men and incarcerated men the Mpath way, digital marketing and empathy. We believe by helping men learn the valuable skill of marketing, while interweaving empathy, will allow the men to make an impact in society they never thought possible.  

Incarcerated Men

Too many come out of prison unable to find jobs, struggling to get their life back. Marketing allows for these men to work without their past chasing them and showcase their new skills through results and their learnings. While they learn the core principles of marketing, we inherently teach empathy, how to feel what a consumer is feeling, how to hold someone else pain. We believe combining these learnings creates better men and a better world.

Young Men

Young men are not often taught feelings, empathy, compassion. In fact, it's looked down up for young man to be in his feelings. We don't buy into that! We believe if we can teach young men to be more empathic, while also allowing them to learn a skill that can help them build their own future, we can create better men and a better world.

How To Get Involved?

If you're a marketing agency that wants to give back and help these men with a job, a youth center that wants to help young men learn, or a facility that houses incarcerated men and want to help them become better men, we would love to hear from you.

This is a training course, where certifications are earned that the men can use to showcase their skills. When possible, we also let them run a small part of our ad campaigns so they can build a case study on how well they did.

Get In Touch To Change Someone's Future

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